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How to Choose a Sofa and Determine Quality

When choosing the right sofa and determining the quality, you should ask for important details, such as information on frame, foam, and springs. We suggest hardwood frames with mortise/tenon joints with high density/high resiliency            seat cushion foam, and steel springs, made of sinuous wire or coil springs.

Next, ask how the backs are constructed. We have found that back cushions featuring inner bags, with chambered compartments keep filling materials from settling, causing the sofa to lose it's shape.

You should also always press down firmly on the arms of the sofa to make sure the sofa will maintain it's shape over time.  High density urethane foam on the        top of the sofa's arms keep the arm's tops soft and help the sofa to maintain       it's form. Compare this with stiff, cardboard covered arm tops.

Always check to make sure that the fabric pattern matches. Look at stripes,            plaids, and other design elements on all sides. This is especially important           when the sofa will be positioned away from walls.

Note the overall dimensions and shape of the arms and back. Will the product       fit in your space? Look for brands that carry a wide selection of frame styles. Always note the subtle lines of furniture you are considering.

Sit on the furniture the way you would at home. Curl your feet up or stretch out      full length if that is how you will use the item once you take it home with you.

Ask about special order options. You don't have to settle with what you see on     the sales floor. You can special order your sofa in the fabric that YOU want, on the frame YOU want, and YOU can get it without waiting forever.

Make sure there is a reasonable warranty offered on the item. You can find  as much as limited lifetime warranty on the frame, springs, and even the seat             cushion foam.

Find out where the item is made. If it is not made in the USA, what will you do if you  should ever need factory help with service? Today, many furniture         products are produced in other countries. Before you select your new furniture ask your sales representative where the product is produced and what the procedures and policies are should you ever have a problem and need factory assistance.

A simple test that you can perform is feeling the back of the couch to  determine how much wood is there. Some couches use very little wood on the back,          where as others use up to 3/4 solid hard wood. Also push the back side to side     to see if there is any give in the frame.

Always use common sense and ask a lot of questions.

     These are our opinions based on our experience of over 40 years.

Good Luck And Happy Shopping




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